Washington DC Family Lawyer

Washington DC Family LawyerLitigation is not compulsory when it comes to family law issues in Washington DC. Couples can compromise without involving the courts, eliminating uncertainties and expenses that mar the court process. Although mediation without counsel is an option for you, seek the wisdom of an experienced family attorney before wading the waters by yourself. A compassionate and sensitive expert can help you navigate the conflict and uncertainties around marital disputes.

One of the real challenges in family law cases lies in reaching an agreement on core matters such as child support and custody, marital debt allocation, marital property division, and spousal support. Understandably, emotional investment in a relationship may cloud the ability of couples struggling with family issues to arrive at fair and economically sensible solutions.

If you are struggling with family law in Washington DC, attorney Sheraz Barkat, founder of the Barkat Law Firm, can help you with creative legal solutions geared to protect, preserve, and safeguard your rights. His extensive experience and attention to detail distinguish him from his peers, uniquely positioning him to tackle your case until you realize or surpass your expectations. It’s his commitment to success that has earned him a reputation of excellence in Washington DC family law.

Family Law Issues

Among the prominent areas Washington DC family law covers include:

Litigation or Negotiation?

Litigation is not the sole option in family law issues. With the help of a lawyer, couples can harness collaborative alternatives to negotiate resolutions without hostility.

One of the collaborative options is mediation. Here, couples collaborate with a neutral third-party to settle family matters such as divorce, child custody and support, debt allocation, and asset division. The parties engage in several meetings, each partner being represented by their attorneys. Other professionals, such as a divorce coach or financial analyst, can offer valuable insights into the matter.

Litigation comes in handy when communication fails, or collaborative options are unavailable. Sometimes, this option can serve to coerce the other party to participate in the negotiation. Whichever the case, seek the services of a trusted Washington DC family lawyer to obtain the best possible outcome from your case.

Need Help with Family Law Issues in Washington DC?

Whether you want to use litigation or collaborative method to solve a family law case in Washington DC, there is no substitute for the assistance of a competent lawyer.

Attorney Sheraz Barkat brings years of experience in DC family law. His personalized approach and empathy have helped him obtain some of the best outcomes from the family issues he has negotiated and litigated. Call him at (202)-276-1167 or fill this online form to learn more about his legal services or schedule a free consultation.