Military Divorce Lawyer

Military Divorce LawyerMilitary Divorce Lawyer: Conventionally, any divorce case has its share of conflicts. However, if you or your spouse serve in the military, you’ll encounter unique legal issues best dealt with by a competent military divorce lawyer. Barkat Law PLLC, founded and led by attorney Sheraz Barkat, is here to help.

Sheraz focuses on family law and carries with him years of experience in representing military men and women and their spouses in divorce and family matters. His personalized approach, empathy, and understanding of the law have helped him obtain positive outcomes from the innumerable divorce cases he has negotiated and litigated in Washington DC.

Service member divorce can be assumed to be similar to a civilian divorce, but specific rules and regulations exist that can incredibly affect the asset and support division. This is especially true for military pensions and disability pay. Also, the time served in other states and countries can further complicate custody and residence.

Your divorce case doesn’t have to be marred by conflicts coupled with the waste of valuable time and money in litigation. Find an option that will help you invest these resources somewhere else that is profitable.

With the above in mind, you need a military divorce lawyer conversant with the laws of DC and their confluence with the division of military pension and health insurance benefits. The Barkat Law Firm PLLC brings on board wisdom, experience, and knowledge to ensure the protection of your interests and assets.

Help for Spouses of Service Members

Even as we fight to protect the rights of retired military members during divorce proceedings, sometimes the spouse finds themselves on the receiving end of unfairness.

If you are struggling with this issue, trust Barkat Law Firm PLLC, to get you reimbursed. It’s no secret that partnering with a legal expert who understands military retirement and disability could mean a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in your share.

Be careful with the terms, as it’s hard to change them once you finalize the divorce. You’ll, therefore, want to work with a knowledgeable and experienced military divorce lawyer who will shed light on your options and guide you through each step of the process.

Military Child Support and Custody

The demands of a service member’s deployment present unique challenges to child custody and support.

It’s important to take into account several issues when crafting a custodial arrangement. Work with an attorney who understands the laws in Washington DC and is fully aware of the possible complications when drafting your custody agreement.

Despite any child support and custody challenges your family could be facing, The Barkat Law Firm PLLC has extensive experience that helps their clients obtain favorable outcomes in a service member divorce.

Need Help with Military Divorce in Washington DC?

Whichever option you pick from military divorce litigation, mediation, and arbitration, your goal is to address the respective issues satisfactorily. A competent attorney can help you do so within the boundaries of the law.

Turn to Barkat Law Firm PLLC for zealous, customized, and productive representation that will protect your rights and ensure you receive the right share. Contact us today for a telephone or in-person consultation.