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Helping families resolve difficult life issues is the mainstay of work provided at the Barkat Law Firm, in Washington, D.C. People in relationships often have disputes that may escalate, causing extreme stress, emotional turmoil and financial difficulties. Attorney Sheraz Barkat helps his clients develop creative and productive solutions.

Attorney Sheraz Barkat

Attorney Sheraz Barkat is an experienced DC divorce attorney who provides complete legal services in the area of law practice regulated by Family Law. He has been licensed to practice law for 10 years, and offers a free phone consultation to discuss your concerns about family law issues or general law practice matters.

Sheraz has extensive experience helping people work thorough problems including Divorce, Separation, Child Custody & Support, Alimony and other matters that may arise during a relationship.

Education & Experience

Sheraz Barkat attended the West Virginia University College of Law, earning his Juris Doctor Law Degree there, in 2008. Before entering his law career, he worked for several years as a Congressional Staffer for Senator John D. Rockefeller IV in the United States Senate. Sheraz also studied International Law and Comparative Family Law in Sydney, Australia. He appears frequently before the D.C. Superior Court’s Domestic Relations Branch.

Sheraz opened his law firm in 2013, shortly after he was licensed to practice law in D.C., in 2012. He was honored as the DC Young Entrepreneur of the Week, by DC Young Entrepreneurs, in 2013.  Sheraz was also honored as a Rising Star, by Super Lawyers, every year since 2017. Attorney Barkat belongs to the American Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association and the South Asian Bar Association. He has volunteered with the District of Columbia Volunteer Lawyers Project and the Veterans Pro Bono Consortium. Sheraz has also lectured with Divorce Mediation Training, a national mediation certification program.


Attorney Barkat works closely with his clients to help them get past contentious times. He represents clients in uncontested divorces as well as those in situations that involve conflict. His goal is to help people work through all of the problems inherent in family law cases.

Family Law Attorney: Legal Services

A complete range of Family Law legal services is provided to clients at the Barkat Law Firm. Some commonly presented issues of concern include:

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