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Separating from your spouse and going through a divorce can be daunting. Not only are there strong emotions to work through, but there are often complex legal issues to sort out, including how to divide marital property, whether or not alimony will be an issue in your case, how to decide child custody and child support issues, and other issues that often arise in a Washington DC divorce.

Getting a Washington DC divorce lawyer familiar with navigating these issues is crucial to getting the desired outcome. Sheraz Barkat is an experienced and recognized Washington DC divorce attorney who can help by explaining the Divorce law in Washington DC, your options, and what to expect when filing for divorce in DC. Contact Sheraz Barkat, an experienced family law and divorce lawyer, for a free consultation.


A DC Family Law attorney can explain how to get a separation in Washington, DC, including the requirements you have to meet to get a divorce to grant you and your partner a separation. DC is a “no-fault” jurisdiction, meaning neither party has to prove the other did anything wrong to get a divorce but to get a divorce in DC, you must meet residency and separation requirements.

It is important for your Washington DC divorce lawyer to explain how the court identifies and treats marital property in a divorce in DC. The divorce law treats property acquired before and during the marriage differently. There are important exceptions and caveats on how the court will treat items such as retirement accounts in a divorce in DC. A Washington DC, family law attorney can also walk you through the process of how a court evaluates competing child custody claims and how the court approaches child support.


Litigating a Washington DC Divorce involves a lot of time and energy, so our first approach is always to see if the settlement is an option. If so, our Washington DC Family Lawyer will work with you to negotiate a resolution to your divorce in DC that minimizes the time spent in court and, thereby, the money you spend on a divorce attorney.

This process involves gathering and exchanging all the information and documents necessary to negotiate a reasonable resolution, explaining the pros and cons of settlement, and what to expect at trial if you cannot settle. Sometimes using a third-party mediator can help facilitate a negotiated settlement, and our DC Divorce Lawyer has worked with several mediators who can step in and help. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate a settlement agreement that results in you and your spouse getting an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce in DC is a quick and efficient separation requiring only one short court appearance.


If you have to litigate, then it’s best to get an attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws in Washington DC, and has experience litigating divorce cases in the areas of DC. Washington DC Divorce law is different from the divorce law in VA and MD, and often a Washington DC Divorce Lawyer who is based out of Washington DC can provide a level of detail on how to approach trial in DC that the state of Virginia and Maryland divorce lawyers who may only occasionally practice in DC cannot.


We never push our clients to move forward with a separation in DC unless they are certain they want to do that. If you are unsure about getting a legal separation but want to know your options, get in touch.

If you want to know the basics call us, and you can get a brief overview of things. If you want something more in-depth, we can arrange a meeting to walk you through exactly what to expect in a multitude of circumstances. You will have the laws of divorce in DC explained to you and have questions about how those laws apply to your specific situation answered. You will also get tips and best practices on protecting yourself, your family, and your assets. Contact Sheraz Barkat, a Washington DC divorce lawyer, for a consultation. According to Super Lawyers, Sheraz Barkat has also been nominated as one of DC’s top attorneys.

Uncontested Divorce in Washington DC

In a growing number of cases, clients are working through their separation with their partner in an amicable fashion, allowing the parties to go to court without the frustration and drama that is often part of a contested divorce. The uncontested divorce process is quick, efficient, and non-adversarial, allowing you and your partner to complete everything at one brief court hearing. Our DC Divorce Attorney can help you walk through how to do that and what needs to be done once you reach the point where you can move forward with an uncontested divorce. Unlike some DC divorce attorneys for litigating a divorce who may encourage you to pursue litigation to increase their fees, our DC Divorce Lawyers prioritize providing advice in your best interest.  We also offer flat-fee representation in some uncontested divorce cases.

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  • Sheraz communicated clearly and timely regarding all the details of my case. He kept everything as simple and easy as it could be during a difficult time. The flat rate gave me peace of mind regarding the cost of his representation. I highly recommend.

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  • After struggling to work my way through filing for a divorce on my own for quite some time, I reached out to Barkat Law Firm and received a response immediately. Mr. Barkat got all of the needed information to me the same day and explained the process so I was aware of every detail. My case was filed within an week and the whole process will be resolved within 3 weeks from the time I initially spoke Mr. Barkat. I only wish I had reached out sooner and saved myself a lot of headache! The price is more than reasonable for the convenience and peace of mind in knowing the process is being completed quickly and correctly.

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