What a Divorce Lawyer Will Need From You

By Barkat Law Firm

Important Divorce Information

Making the decision to file for divorce can be painful and emotional for everyone involved. You and your soon-to-be former spouse have intertwined your lives, finances, and living arrangements, and it can often be difficult to begin the process of separating from one another. However, the process of dissolving your marriage can be somewhat less stressful by being prepared for your first meeting with your divorce attorney and knowing what to expect from the appointment, as well as the entire divorce mediation process. Here is what you need to know about what you should be prepared to bring and discuss with your DC divorce lawyer during your initial appointment.

Financial Records

A large part of marriage is the combination of finances. While some couples choose to maintain separate bank accounts and assume responsibility for different household expenses, many married couples combine their earnings into one joint account, which is used to pay all bills relating to both spouses. Regardless of how you and your soon-to-be ex have chosen to manage household finances, it is important that you bring any bank statements, pay stubs, mortgage agreements, and other typical financial documents with you to your meeting. Your divorce attorney will look over the household bills and financial statements and use the information to help you and your soon-to-be former spouse negotiate a settlement that is fair to both parties.

Real Estate Documents

One of the most common disputes in divorce is the division of assets, particularly real estate. Washington D.C. counts itself as an Equitable Distribution state, which means that it enforces marital property laws which order courts to assign separate property to each spouse in the event of a divorce. For example, if you and your spouse own a primary residence as well as an investment rental property, vacation home, or other types of secondary property, the court will ensure that each party retains at least one property in the divorce settlement.  This includes all property owned by a spouse prior to getting married. Because of this, it is essential that you allow your divorce attorney to look over any and all real estate documents, such as property deeds and mortgage agreements, as soon as possible.

Other Legal Documents your DC Divorce Lawyer Needs

Because you are dissolving a marriage that is legally recognized by the state, your divorce attorney will need to view all important documents pertaining to your marriage. This includes birth certificates, a prenuptial agreement if one exists, and, of course, your marriage certificate. Your attorney will need to enter this information into the divorce decree in order to file the divorce paperwork with the state. It is wise to bring all of these documents with you to your initial appointment with your divorce attorney to ensure that he or she can complete the paperwork and file it within an appropriate period of time.

In addition to financial records, real estate documents, and other important legal documents pertaining to your marriage, it is always a good idea to bring a list of any questions you may have for your divorce attorney. He or she can provide answers that help you navigate more successfully through the divorce mediation process.

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